My Product Has A Problem! What Can I Do?

Our factories have their own quality control processes, but we don't only take their word for it! When products come into the Guuds warehouse we have a team of over 10 qualified technicians who are dedicated to confirming the products are correct, in perfect condition, and working perfectly.

What to do?

  1. Always contact us first. Provide your order number and the product item no. We can help clarify what the problem is.
  2. Often we can solve the problem for you without you needing to send anything back. In many cases the product seems to have a problem, but it can be solved by restarting, installing properly, or fixing an accessory. In the case of more complicated products such as Car DVD Players or Security Camera Systems we will recommend that you get the product installed or inspected by a qualified technician to confirm that it is faulty rather than incorrectly installed
  3. You're covered by our 12 month guarantee. So if the product doesn’t work, we’ll help you send it back to us in China to get it fixed.