Email activation of

I have not yet received the activation email, What can i do?

After register on, an activation email will be sent automatically from Guuds. This email includes a link, You should click the link to check if your email inbox can receive emails from the server of freely.

If you haven't received the activation email after several minutes, please check the settings of the spam box firstly, you can refer this link for details:

If you still can't receive the activation email, it shows that your email can't receive any emails from, then you

A. will get no emails from Guuds, including but not limited to
   1. not being able to get any quotations from us by email
   2. not being able to get any confirm information after placing an order on Guuds
   3. not being able to get any tracking information about the order sent from Guuds
   4. not being able to receive any emails from Guuds

B. but you can also
   1. login in and browse normally
   2. place orders and make payments normally
   3. to do anything just like you have activated the account successfully.

Note: To avoid any troubles on your online shopping just because you couldn't get the emails from Guuds, please kindly send your online contact information, such as msn, Skype, yahoo id, telephone number, etc to Guuds will arrange your personal salesgirl to help you.