Checkout With Paypal Express Checkout to Place an Order on

Paypal express checkout flow

The PayPal Express Checkout keeps the buyer on our web page throughout the entire checkout flow. On desktops, buyers check out in a lightbox, which is a secure window that overlays our website. On tablets and smart phones, buyers access the PayPal payment screens in full-page mode.

choose product and add them to the shopping cart

You can choose from the category or search the product you want buy, add them to the shopping cart(the shopping cart button is on the top of our website).

choose paypal express checkout by clock the paypal express checkout button on the shopping cart

On the shopping cart page, there are 2 checkout options, one is Paypal express checkout, and the other one is regular checkout on
Choose PayPal express checkout by click the paypal button, then the Paypal Express Checkout flow begins in the lightbox, login with your paypal account and authorizes the PayPal payment, then you will return to our website.

login in to the paypal wwebsite and authorizes the payment

After the paypal payment authorized, we get the shipping address from PayPal, then the shipping methods based on the shipping address show on the page, you shoud review the shipping method and choose one shipping method.

choose shipping method and confirm the paypal payment

After you choose the shipping method, you can the total amount one the bottom of the page, click the "Complate Paypal Payment" button to finish the payment

success page of the order and payment

After the payment done, we will process the order ASAP

Any question, please contact with us